You certainly know the Phoenix. This mythic bird, with flamboyant purple, red and gold feathers, has fascinated the world for reborning from its ashes, thus triumphing over Darkness!… But let me give you another vision of the Phoenix.
Ancient descriptions say that the Phoenix is a fabulous bird that lives in the Heavens. It only appears in our world when its time of death-and-rebirth has come. With its remaining forces, it meticulously builds its nest with the finest herbs and spices collected around Arabia. When the nest is complete, obviously exhausted, the Phoenix settles down and sings a final melody of such beauty, that even the sun pauses its course in awe. The alchemist bird then ignites its nest of perfumes, and burns to ashes. Three days later, a new Phoenix rises from the ashes. With fresh power and splendor, it flies to its home, the Heavens.
As you see, no triumph over Darkness here, nor struggle against it. Actually, the Phoenix has a harmonious relationship with Darkness: it listens to its call, embraces it through a ritual and from its bosom, its life naturally rises forth.
The Phoenix’s actual triumph is mastering the birth-death cycle of birth and death. We can only draw inspiration from its deep understanding of Creation and self-generation. There are three main teachings we can see in the majestic Phoenix. Which one is it time for you to uncover?  

1 – Self-knowledge
I feel I have lost sense of myself. I feel dullness and numbness, somewhat disconnected, there is a wall around and/or within me, I can’t deal with my emotions or I hardly feel them, it is difficult for me to express myself and my feelings, I am unsure what my needs and desires are. I definitely want this to change and enjoy life better!

2 – Giving past what belongs to the past
Many memories and patterns have too strong an influence on my present life, I can’t get over my past wounds, my relationships with wo/men take too much space, I don’t have much faith in my relationships, I always get stuck in the same situations. I really want to break free from past stories and move on with my life!

3 – Living to the fullest
I want to feel great every moment I live and welcome with a smile anything that comes my way, I want to find awesomeness and opportunities to grow in every moment, I really want to go from good to fantastic, from okay to ecstatic. I definitely want to live beyond!

Ready to make a difference for yourself? Ready to find your life keys within you? Cut the motivational brainwash. Just live it out from your own sense, with everything you are!