Who is Ola

Creative and insightful, Ola is known for her unique sessions of self-empowerment and healing.  She is passionate about showing you the way back to your natural power and self-ownership.

She gathers a wide-range of transformative techniques off the beaten tracks, and grounds her wisdom in the Buddhistic Vajrayana lineage – the Diamond Path.

Through a fine combination of counselling, energy work, embodiement practices and massages,  Ola provides you with a complete “refresh”, handing you the keys to your next life-stage.

Ola’s deep and all-embracing style is clearly not suited for people who hold on to shallowness. Her only commitment is to bring the exquisite shift to the ones who truly nurture the ambition of living their life with everything they are. Seeing you living out a definitely more vibrant, awesome and fulfilling life is her chief gratification.

Because Ola designs sessions and processes around you, the results are always powerful, even stunning. Ola’s sensitivity lets her to tune in to you with exceptional clarity and brings forth amazingly deep journeys. After your first session with her, you will know you have found a remarkable friend on your life path.

Ola works with individuals, couples and groups, both in person and online. Whatever your timezone, reach out and make a difference for yourself!